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While one may not associate mortgage brokers and home loan officers with the classic image of cowboys and pirates, StrongBox Home Loans’ founder – Eric Hoffner – certainly does. In the 1600-1700s on the open seas, pirates used ornate strongboxes – more traditionally known as treasure chests – for the safekeeping of their jewels, coins, gold bars and other booty. By the 1800s, stagecoach drivers and cowboys would be tasked with the safe transport of strongboxes filled with cash and newly found gold from one destination to the next at the height of the Wild West. From rivaling pirates to dangerous highwaymen along the route, everyone wanted the treasure tucked inside those strongboxes.

The same holds true for the best home loans – they’re something everyone wants, and you need a solid, safe place to store your investment. More and more homebuyers and homeowners are discovering that the ideal solid, safe place is with StrongBox Home Loans. We understand that buying a home represents one of the most valuable investments in your life and we promise to protect it. After all, our Loan Officers are as savvy and valiant as any cowboy or pirate – minus the shiny spurs, handlebar mustaches and puffy shirts.

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